SINAK Corporation’s commitment to environmental responsibility has been a part of the company’s culture from the very beginning. While changes in environmental rules and regulations are continuous, We have never been required to reformulate any of our products. SINAK’s sustainable technology demonstrates our dedication to excellence. We started with our flagship product SINAK S-102 in 1980. The formulation was the first of many products with zero VOC’s that do not require re-application.

In addition to offering non-hazardous materials, we also lessen the impact of waste and re-use. All silicate-base SINAK sealers have been, listed as “Super Compliant” with SCAQMD, and certified as safe with Greenguard & UL Laboratories making them eligible for LEED Points. See "Achieving LEED Points with GREENGUARD Certified Products" for more information. We are also a proud member of the UN Global Compact. It mirrors the excellent standards of fair and equal business practice that we strive to uphold. SINAK Corporation’s goal is to offer the highest quality products, which will facilitate building structures that will last for decades. We believe that this commitment to sustainability in our infrastructure will make a significant impact on our society and the world at large.


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