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SINAK Corporation, founded in 1979, is a global leader in preserving and protecting concrete, and other building materials with a range of specialized, environmentally safe products to cure, moisture-proof, environmentally protect and strengthen the host material.

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Sinak Corporation

Our History

SINAK Corporation is well known for its unique line of products for treating concrete. The line ranges from products for concrete curing, waterproofing, vapor emission and alkalinity control, to a high performance resurfacer. 2020 marks our 41th anniversary and we thank our long-time customers for their continued loyalty over the years, and we thank our new customers who are making our newer products a hit on the market. We reaffirm our commitment to offer the best value in concrete repair and protection products.

Founded as a partnership by Bob and Craig Higgins in 1979, the primary focus at first was on waterproofing concrete parking decks and bridge decks, a natural emphasis from their construction background. By the time the company was incorporated in 1983, the early products had proven their value by excellent performance in curing, waterproofing, chloride ion protection, freeze-thaw protection, increased abrasion resistance, reconsolidation, and environmental stain protection.

SINAK Corporation’s main focus outside of the United States is curing and waterproofing. SINAK curing products have been tested and used around the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, India, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore for replacement of water-curing and film-forming curing compounds. Our curing products hold advantages over other curing methods that will assist in cost and time reduction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and market a unique family of products that protect, enhance and extend the life cycle of various surfaces in an environmentally friendly manner with superior technical support and customer service, exemplifying integrity and fair dealing.

Over 40 Years of Innovation

In 1988, searching for a formula effective against alkali-aggregate reaction, the HLQ (hydrolized lithium quartz) line of products was developed and tested with marketing starting in 1988. The lithium technology developed by SINAK has also enabled proven products for waterproofing and hardening stucco and for vapor emission control. We are pleased to announce that we have received GREENGUARD 36 & 60 point certifications for all of our curing, waterproofing and vapor emission control products.

In 1993, SINAK completed research and development of RELAY™ a surfacing product. RELAY™ mixture is a primerless system that will adhere to virtually all types of substrate to produce a new, waterproof, bondable surface compatible with all types of coatings and adhesives. It will feather to a “zero edge” without losing strength, flexibility or adhesion.

SINAK Corporation



SINAK's concrete cures work by penetrating into the substrate and combining with mineral compounds and siliceous materials to form insoluble silicate structure. This newly formed breathing protective barrier retains all the properties of the original substrate...

Repair and Waterproofing

SINAK S-102™, HLQ-125™ and LS-825™, waterproof, increase abrasion and stain resistance, as well as protect and preserve the concrete. SINAK RELAY resurfacer is used for resurfacing a wide variety of surfaces to produce a tough, flexible and abrasion...


SINAK Manufactures a variety of decorative products designed for use on damaged and unsightly concrete, stucco, asphalt, etc., and can make any surface look new again while retaining the rich natural look of concrete. Treated surfaces can achieve either...