S-102 Curing

Aiea (5)Big Box Store (4)SINAK S-102™ is a ready-to-use, NO-VOC concrete cure that outperforms all traditional wet-cure methods such as blankets, plastic sheeting, fogging, steam curing, etc. while eliminating the construction delays caused by water curing. S-102™ is the only concrete curing method proven to prevent cure related cracking and crazing, while minimizing or eliminating early-age differential shrinkage (slab-curling).

S-102™ is especially effective in hot, windy and low humidity environments. S-102™ does not interfere with the bonding of joint sealants, patching, surface coating materials, paints, lane markers or cement wash treatments. Overspray on reinforcement steel, does not require removal.

Advantages of using S-102 instead of water for curing:

  • Retains high relative humidity providing optimal hydration for continued curing without monitoring of the surface
  • Used as evaporation control and a finishing aide
  • Immediate slab access. Method of curing is done in one day
  • Method of curing is done in one day
  • Zero waste

Advantages of using S-102 instead of a film-forming cure:

  • Testing of S-102 is comparable to 14 day full-soak water-curing
  • Higher spread-rate
  • Non film-forming
  • Penetrating cure that cannot be removed
  • Compatible with all topically applied materials without extra preparation
  • Zero waste



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UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification