Grocery Store (5)BPPolice (9)Coast Guard (3)The VECT-R System™ is effective in protecting all flooring and coatings from damage due to high alkalinity, moisture vapor emission and high in situ relative humidity conditions. VECT-R is a fast and economical solution to repair concrete that has not met with the floor manufacturer’s requirement for safe installation.

The SINAK VECT-R System can be installed in one day. The system consists of two components: VECT-R PENETRANT and VECT-R V-POXY. If a cementitous topping is required, VECT-R INTERLOCK is suggested, however virtually any self-leveling or skim topping can be utilized.

VECT-R is warranted for 10-years for both labor and materials against flooring/coating failure due to alkalinity and/or moisture emanating from the concrete. Fifteen year warranties are available.

Vect-R_System Product Information Sheet

Vect-R Penetrant and V-Poxy Product Information Sheet

Vect-R Interlock Product Information Sheet

Vect-R Pentrant SDS

Vect-R Interlock SDS

Vect-R V-Poxy SDS

Sample Warranty

UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification