Hotel Irvine (8)LongBeachTownCenter (9)SINAK HLQ-125™ was formulated to waterproof, protect, and preserve concrete; even in the most adverse environments. These results are proven by extensive field performance and testing.

HLQ-125™ penetrates and reacts within the substrate to from secondary cementitous compounds. The newly formed, breathable protective barrier cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no surface coating or film that can be worn or weathered away.

Concrete treated with HLQ-125™ is harder and denser. Substrates are protected against water penetration, efflorescence, algae growth and staining from food, oil and mild chemicals. HLQ-125™ is ideal for treating surfaces prior to installing flooring, coatings, sealers, acid stains, dyes and other topically applied materials.


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UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification