S-102 Waterproofing

Pool Deck (1)DohaWasteWater (2)SINAK S-102™ was formulated to waterproof, protect, and preserve, concrete, even in the most adverse environments.These capabilities are demonstrated by the results of extensive field performance and testing.

SINAK S-102™ works by penetrating into concrete and reacting with the soluble calcium compounds within to form additional calcium silicate, a major factor in sound, healthy concrete. The newly formed, breathable protective barrier cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no surface coating or film that can be worn or weathered away. The appearance of treated concrete is unchanged.

Concrete treated with SINAK S-102™ is protected against chloride penetration, surface scaling, and freeze-thaw damage. Efflorescence will be significantly reduced or eliminated. The Treated surface is denser, more resistant to abrasion and dusting and is compatible with crack repair and surface patching/coating materials. Most of all, the treated concrete is WATERPROOF when subjected to hydrostatic pressures equivalent to more than 220 feet below grade (100 psi)


Product Information Sheet


UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification