Curing Agents

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Curing Agents

SINAK Corporation has been at the cutting edge of the concrete curing industry with established results for more than 40 years. This innovation has continued through the development of a family of curing agents that have been tested and proven to equal the performance of a 28 day water cure.

SINAK curing agents provide an environmentally friendly, Zero VOC curing solution that exceeds their performance of all ASTM C-309 and ASTM C-1315 curing compounds. These curing agents will chemically replicate the performance of a 28 day blanket cure while providing a huge cost savings with time and labor. All SINAK curing agents are GreenGuard and Leed certified with WCE designed for potable water applications.

The benefits of SINAK curing agents include no film or residue on the surface, no yellowing or discoloration, drastically reduced slab curl, and minimized plastic and drying shrinkage cracks. No additional surface preparation is necessary for coating, sealing or line striping.

For additional information or technical support, please contact SINAK Corporation directly at (800) 523-3147.


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