LithiumCure 2000 (28 day equal)

LithiumCure 2000 LithiumCure 2000

SINAK LithiumCure 2000™ is a ready to use, zero VOC Curing Agent, Water-Cure Equivalent Type, that outperforms all traditional curing methods. LithiumCure 2000™ is proven to prevent cure related cracking and crazing while eliminating slab curling. LithiumCure 2000™ is non-toxic, contains no solvents, and is listed as UL® GREENGUARD Gold Certified and super compliant with SCAQMD.

LithiumCure 2000™ is designed for use on hard steel trowelled finished concrete and is compatible with all known densifiers, polishes, and resins. LithiumCure 2000™ chemically replicates 28-day water cure results and assures that the specified design strengths will be achieved along with improved durability and reduced permeability. LithiumCure 2000™ does not interfere with tilt panel bond breakers or the bonding of joint sealants, patching, surface coatings, paints, lane markers, or cement wash treatments.

SINAK Corporation’s line of curing agents are the first of their kind to surpass both ASTM C-309 and ASTM C-1315 standards for performance and moisture retention. LithiumCure 2000™ is available as a Type 1, Class A cure. LithiumCure 2000™ is designed to replace all other water cure and membrane cure methods for rapid access to the slab and accelerated construction schedules.

SINAK LithiumCure 2000 Product Data Sheet


UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification