Sealer SG

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SINAK Sealer SG™ is formulated to waterproof, protect, and preserve concrete even in the most adverse environments. Concrete treated with Sealer SG™ is permanently protected against water penetration, de-icing agents, chloride intrusion (salts), efflorescence, and freeze-thaw conditions. Sealer SG™ protects from foreign contaminants and improves abrasion resistance. Sealer SG™ is a proprietary formula in solution that requires no mixing, diluting, or agitating. Sealer SGTM is non-toxic, contains no VOCs or solvents, and is listed as UL® GREENGUARD Gold Certified and super compliant with SCAQMD.

Sealer SG™ creates a protective barrier that cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no surface coating or film that can be worn or weathered away. Concrete treated with Sealer SG™ retains its natural appearance. Sealer SG™ is designed and tested to be used for potable water applications such as pumping stations, water storage facilities, and wildlife enclosures. In addition, Sealer SG™ is approved for use on concrete structures in/or spanning rivers and streams. Sealer SG™ is compatible with all crack repair, surface patching, and coating materials. Treated concrete is waterproof when subjected to hydrostatic pressures equivalent to more than 220 feet below grade (100 psi).

SINAK Sealer SG Product Data Sheet


UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification