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SINAK HLQ-125™ is a permanent penetrating sealer formulated to waterproof, protect, and preserve concrete even in the most adverse environments. Concrete treated with HLQ-125™ is protected against water penetration, chloride intrusion, efflorescence, algae growth, and staining from food, oil, and chemicals. HLQ-125™ is a proprietary formula in solution that requires no mixing, diluting, or agitating. HLQ-125™ is non-toxic, contains no VOCs or solvents, and is listed as UL® GREENGUARD Gold Certified and super compliant with SCAQMD.

HLQ-125™ creates a protective barrier within the concrete that cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no surface coating or film that can be worn or weathered away. HLQ-125™ retains the natural appearance of the substrate. HLQ-125™ is ideal for interior and exterior applications that are expected to receive heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic. HLQ-125™ treats surfaces that require the highest level of concrete waterproofing protection from moisture and moisture vapor. Concrete treated with HLQ-125™ is compatible with all crack repair, surface patching, and coating materials.

SINAK HLQ-125 Product Data Sheet


UL Environmental/GreenGuard Certification