SINAK LithoHard is the latest advancement in lithium technology for sealing, hardening and dustproofing new and existing concrete. The proprietary formulation and chemical sequencing of LithoHard allows for early application to concrete in as little as five days after placement. The ultra-environmentally friendly formula eliminates rinsing and costly disposal of caustic waste water.

The chemistry of LithoHard does not require free calcium to react which allows for early application. LithoHard is a ready to use, zero-VOC concrete densifier that outperforms all traditional sodium, lithium, potassium and magnesium fluosilicate products.

LithoHard is a permanent penetrating sealer that hardens and dustproofs new and existing concrete. LithoHard continues to shine with time and continued use. LithoHard provides increased slip resistance, both wet and dry and can be used on colored concrete. SINAK warrants, that when properly installed according to manufacturers written instructions, substrate will remain hardened and dustproof for up to 20 years.