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SINAK VC-5™ provides identical results to water curing which is proven to produce the highest quality concrete. Concrete cured with VC-5™ is significantly more durable and lower in permeability than concrete treated with other methods. VC-5™ is effective in preventing plastic shrinkage cracking of the freshly placed concrete and is formulated to cure concrete slabs being placed in hot, low humidity, and/or windy conditions.

VC-5™prevents failure of finished flooring systems due to concrete slab vapor emission, high internal relative humidity, and moisture borne alkaline contaminants. VC-5™ is compatible with all adhesives, floor coverings, and surface treatments and includes a bond warranty.

VC-5™ will not form a coating or leave a residue, eliminating the requirement for shotblasting or similar mechanical surface preparation prior to the application of floor coverings or surface treatments. Should shotblasting or mechanical preparation be required, this will not void the VC-5™ warranty. SINAK Corporation will provide a 20-year, fully transferable non pro-rated warranty. The warranty will not be void if cracks appear or the surface profile is damaged or mechanically altered.

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