VC-5 Infographic 2VC-5 InfographicSINAK VC-5™ is a ready to use, zero VOC Vapor Emission and Alkalinity Control System that eliminates flooring failures due to moisture, moisture vapor, and alkalinity emanating from or through the concrete. VC-5™ is proven to eliminate costly construction delays from moisture remediation and provides long term protection for all finished flooring. VC-5™ is listed as UL® GREENGUARD Gold Certified, super compliant with SCAQMD, and contributes to LEED credits.

VC-5™ is designed for use on all structural and lightweight concrete to receive finished flooring, roofing, or coatings. VC-5™ warrants all subsequent materials with a 20-year non-prorated labor, material, and adhesive bond warranty. VC-5™ allows mechanical surface profiling up to ¼” amplitude. VC-5™ ensures compatibility and bond of all flooring adhesives, floor coverings, roofing systems, and surface treatments.

Use of VC-5™ allows for any flooring, coating, or roofing installation 7 days after concrete placement. VC-5™ eliminates cure related cracking, crazing, and slab curl. VC-5™ is designed to replace all curing methods and Moisture Vapor Emission control systems while offering rapid slab access for accelerated construction schedules.









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